Furry Illustrator, fursuit part maker, and merch goblin

My name is MattsyKun (Or Matt, or Kimiko), the owner of The Vixen's Brush Studios, a one-stop shop for all things furry!

If you're interested in furry merch, artwork, webcomics, or fursuit accessories, this is the place for you!

Artwork Commissions

Commission Status: OPEN

Please read my Terms of Service before contacting me about commissions!

Want something specific, but don't see it here? Just ask! Prices may vary based on complexity.

Fursuit REference Sheets

Fursuit-friendly reference sheets, great for commissioning fursuit makers.

Basic 3-View | $50
Headshots & Closeups | $10-$15

Price depends on compexity.

Telegram Stickers

Stickers for use on Telegram. Flat colors. Max 10 per order.

One Sticker | $12
5 Stickers | $50
10 Stickers | $100


Adorable miniature illustrations of your character.
Fully colored & shaded.



Flat-colored images with lineart.

Bust | $20
Fullbody | $30
Extra Characters | +$10
NSFW | +$15

Shaded Pieces

Fully rendered pieces. Backgrounds are quoted on a case-by case basis for half/fullbodies. (est. $20-$40 USD)

Bust/Icon | $35
Half Body | $45
Fullbody | $60
Additional Character | $10
NSFW | $15

Acrylic Badges

Double-sided acrylic badges with color and shading.

See the Trello for what designs are available for recolors!

Customs come with 2 acrylic badges. Physical product turnaround times vary (due to COVID interrupting shipping). US Shipping Included; International shipping will be quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Badges are 4" with holographic effects. Note: Some colors may be different than on the screen due to CMYK Printing.

Headshots: $60
Waist-Up: $75

Recolors: $45

Terms of Service

Will Not Draw
I will not draw the following things:

Trademarked characters (inspiration is fine), Muscles, Hate Speech/Hateful Imagery (ie Transphobia, Nazi/Neo-Nazi imagery, etc), Hard Kinks (Ie watersports, scat), Cub, Zoo/Bestiality, Humans

These are non-negotiable. If you're not sure, feel free to contact me.


You MUST be 18+ in order to commission. Exceptions will ONLY be made with parent's consent at in-person events.

For NSFW content, A Government Issued Photo ID and Photo of yourself will be required for verification purposes (Only your DOB and Picture need to be visible, everything else can be redacted). These images will be deleted upon confirmation of age.

There are no exceptions. Commissioners found falsifying information will be blacklisted.


Quotes are simply an estimate of the overall price of your order. A quote is in no way binding, nor are they an affirmation that your commission has been accepted. Quotes are valid for thirty (30) days. Prices and quotes are subject to change.

Pricing does NOT include the cost of shipping physical products. Shipping costs will be determined upon completion of your order.

Payments must be made through provided invoices via PayPal. I will NEVER request payment to be sent “Via Friends and Family”, nor will I accept payment as such. The Vixen's Brush Studios will ONLY request your PayPal email address. I do not accept cash, money orders, checks, gift cards, trades, or non-PayPal methods of payment for online orders.

Unless otherwise noted (ie, waiting for a paycheck or for money being transferred), all payments MUST be made within One (1) week of the date the invoice is sent. Failure to make payment will result in the cancellation of the Client's commission.

Sales tax will be applied for all orders placed in Missouri.

Sales tax will be applied for all in-person events.

Completion Dates

If you require your order to be completed by a certain date, an additional Rush Fee (equal up to 50% of the order’s cost) may be applied.

Currently, the estimated turn-around time is 1-3 weeks after work has begun on your order. This may changed based on volume, the current queue, manufacturer production, or dates close to conventions.

Returns & Chargebacks/Refunds

The Vixen's Brush Studios does not accept returns. Any items returned to us without warning will be rejected.

If you wish to cancel your order, you will be refunded for work not yet completed, and any work done will be provided to the Client. If your commission has not been started, you will be refunded in full.

Chargebacks are NOT tolerated. Filing a chargeback for completed work may result in legal action.


A clear reference is required before your commission may be accepted. If there are specific markings, points of interest, etc, please bring them to my attention. Written references, Second-Life images, commissioned photos, and low-quality images will not be accepted. If you require a reference sheet, I will gladly provide one for you for an additional cost. (The above does not qualify if you are requesting a reference sheet commission)

I do not accept commissions for trademark/trademark inspired characters, including Pokesonas, FNAF fan-characters, etc, nor will I draw in those styles.

I will not copy another artists style, or another character that you do not own. Any attempt to place an order with such a character will result in your order canceled and the owner notified of the attempt if possible.


I will try to provide regular updates on your order; however, this is not a guarantee. You are more than welcome to ask for an update. Please do not repeatedly ask for an update every day. I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

You can check my Trello for updates on your commission. I try to keep it updated, but sometimes I may work through several steps and suddenly it's marked as completed.

Image Rights

I reserve the right to display commissioned work on any personal website, gallery, portfolio, or journal. I will, of course, ask if I may use this out of respect for privacy. If you wish to keep work private, please state this at the time of accepting the commission. I also reserve the right to not display your commission.

You may upload commissioned work to your website or gallery with FULL CREDIT to myself (meaning, with a link to my social media or website). Any high-resolution or un-watermarked version must never be uploaded; this is for the commissioner's use only. I also have the right to request otherwise.

You are not to upload pieces to online galleries such as e621 (and e621 mirrors), Derpibooru, etc (mostly because there is a conditional DNP in place).

You may not profit from the artwork (ie, make buttons or other merchandise), nor alter the finished piece in any way, nor take credit for creation of said artwork. If you wish to profit off of it, you may contact me about purchasing commercial image rights.

Ownership of the characters depicted remains with the owner or any involved parties.

For Adopts: You are permitted to do whatever you like, as long as I get credit for the design! Make it your mascot, make merch, get a fursuit made, do whatever. I only request that you do not sell the adopt for more than the purchase price (if it comes with artwork, etc. then that is permitted)

Cancellation of Order

I reserve the right to cancel an order for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to:

Failure to make payments

Harassment or Rudeness

Providing false age information

Unable to meet deadline

Failure to acquire required materials

Inappropriate language (outlined below, ie slurs and other such comments)

Repeated contact after the cancellation of an order may result in blacklisting and a cease and desist letter.


I am LGBTQA+ friendly! Your pronouns and gender will be respected here. I expect the same amount of respect in return.

Slurs (ie cboy, futa, herm, etc), transphobic remarks, racial slurs, etc. will NOT BE TOLERATED. We reserve the right to terminate contact with a commissioner if they are found to use such terms. Basically, don't be a jerk.

Commissioners that are found to be "problematic" (ie, pedo/zoo, right-wing, etc) will be denied service, and any and all payment will immediately be refunded as per the refund policy previously outlined.

If you require a different name to be used (ie, chosen name instead of dead name), certain pronouns, or other accommodations, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am MORE than happy to accommodate you!

A commissioner's account must be One (1) month old, with some sort of activity. If an account does not meet this criteria, proof of activity from another account (ie Twitter, Telegram, Instagram) may also be provided. Failure to provide this will result in denial of service.

To confirm you (the commissioner) has read the TOS, please respond alongside your identification photos 89694.

You may contact me via email, FurAffinity, or Telegram (the fastest way to reach me). I will not answer messages after 8 PM in most cases.

Fursuit Part Commissions

Coming soon! <3

NOTE: I do not make fursuit heads, bodysuits, or feetpaws at this time. (Feetpaws coming soon!)


Tails (Fox: $45 | Tiger: $100)
Handpaws ($200ish?)
Ears ($30)
Bandanas ($40 for custom fabric)
Muzzles ($35)
Collars ($20+)

Welcome! This page showcases all that we have to offer for conventions.

Since 2014, we primarily specialize in original safe-for-work artwork and merchandise relating to the furry fandom. In addition, we pride ourselves on making something for everyone, no matter their budget.

This is a small sampling of what we currently have available! We're always updating and coming up with new things.

Thank you for your consideration!

(Please excuse my Etsy shop, it's been too hot to take photos to upload things >~<)

Cons Attended

Gateway Fur Meet (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 (Virtual)
Anime Getaway(2014, 2015, 2016)
Lebanon MegaCon (2016)
KawaKon (2015, 2016)
Arch Anime (2015)

The Premade Fursona Badge Project

A collection of 4" acrylic badges, covering a really big chunk of the fandom. Nobody should be left out! We also accept recolor commissions of any completed badge!
Check out progress of the badge project here!

(Est. December 2021 Completion)

"Useable" Home Merchandise

From coasters, to mugs, to luggage tags, we love making stuff that lasts that can be used every day, in every situation, without particularly screaming "I'm a furry!"

Pins, Charms, and Lanyards

We offer many different acrylic charms, enamel pins, and lanyards! We like collecting shiny things, and we like making them, too!

Fursuit Parts and Accessories

For those just starting their fursuit journey, or continuing on their quest, we offer a wide variety of accessories and fursuit parts. Don't want to wear a whole fursuit? We've got you covered! We try to offer things that nobody else does.

(Props coming soon!)

Booth Photos

The pandemic happened before we were able to showcase our new booth layout! We had a planogram and EVERYTHING for 2020. However, please enjoy our growth over the years in our past displays.

As of right now, we usually require a 10x10 booth to showcase both our fursuit products as well as our art.
However, two side-by-side tables is also more than acceptable. We'll make it work. :3